Flash in the Pan: Car

damn carAlways in the damn car.

The moment traffic would stiffen to a dead stop or seconds after we passed “No gas for 100 miles” signs on endless road trips to visit her parents in the middle of god-forsaken nowhere she would dredge up topics that should be dead and buried.

Why couldn’t she leave it alone?

She never did.

And probably never will.

A steam-powered train of accusations, interrogations, and bitter jabs at a life she despised but I refused to give up.

Tears and sobs always followed icy glares and biting commentary.

My life.

Life in the damn car.



Welcome to the Winter Quarter with a new series of flash fiction coming your way! brought to us by the beautiful Red of the M3 blog and Flash in the Pan

The word for this flash is CAR with a word limit of 100.  This hot flash comes in at 100, with the magic word applied twice.

hashtag with #getpublished #flashfiction @RedmundPro

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5 Responses to Flash in the Pan: Car

  1. Perfect. You’ve cut to the chase. Want someone’s full attention when they can’t get out and leave? Ha ha.

  2. This is absolute perfection. Love it.

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