Flash Fiction: Tools

Empty auditorium

I wasn’t ready.

Not even close.

The expansive auditorium that seemed to unfold in front of me was a blinding truth that even with all the tools and hours of preparation, I couldn’t make it.

I wouldn’t make it.

Deep in my gut I knew there was always going to be someone better.



More rehearsed, talented and driven.

Perhaps my truth is I am failure waiting to happen.

Taking the first step of a journey doomed to end poorly is impossible.

I didn’t know if I would move forward.

All I knew I was that I wasn’t ready



Welcome to the Winter Quarter with a new series of flash fiction coming your way! brought to us by the beautiful Red of the M3 blog and Flash in the Pan

The word for this flash is TOOLS with a word limit of 100.  This hot flash comes in at 100.

hashtag with #getpublished #flashfiction @RedmundPro

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9 Responses to Flash Fiction: Tools

  1. This is where a sip of wine is required beforehand. ;-)
    Unexpected use of flash word. Excellent.

  2. Unexpected use, perfect. How often I have felt exactly this.

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